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An On Bast No Cage ep

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

No Cage ep review on Muno of Poland.

A year has passed since the release of the excellent EPs "Upon The Dew Drops" (supported by Luciano among others) so it's time to show the world the latest work by An On Bast - "No Cage EP".

"No Cage" consists of 3 tracks maintained in the tech-house style, in which An On Bast is not afraid to experiment, creating interesting and unique sound collages. She admits that the EP is geared towards a good groove, while dodging the music rules.

"DumDum" slowly introduces us to the world of colorful and joyful sounds. Anna skillfully combines expressive synths with minimal and clicky beat and a little bit ethnic vocal samples. The song gently hypnotizes and by great design nothing detracts its receiving.

Time for announced experiments! "Saxhopper" bursts of the original solutions and unconventional samples, such as a storm of applause in the middle of the track. The leitmotif here is a happy saxophone playing. Blend of these sounds reminiscent of crazy style of Noze or Parisian trio dOP. "Cat The King" confirms our belief that inspiration can be made of French artists. Here attention is drawn to a surprising melody places deliberately losing sync with the beats, juxtaposed with a deeper groove.

Quadratic – Electrocute Dub

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Chicago's Quadratic reworking there smash Electrocute release. Release supported by a remix from the LA based nu-disco duo Slash Fiction.

R Audiard – The Right Place ep

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Electronic Music World - 'Out now on La Folia Recordings is a two-track EP by R. Audiard called The Right Place EP. A very strong minimal release with very nice and dreamy house music. Excellent music that is definitely a recommended download!'

Desyn Masiello - 5/5 real music from a producer who is actually trying to say something in his music, which is a rare thing in electronic music thesed ays. really phenomenal tracks, can not wait to hear more from Mr Audiard in the future. thank you, desyn

Paco Osuna 4/5 Thank you Download

Tyler Smith 5/5 very beautiful release !!!

De:bug 4/5 review to follow

Philipp Wolgast 5/5 melodic, nicely filled with emotions without being cheesy at all.. very nice. my favourite style. love it.

Alex Meshkov 5/5 the right place is the bomb )

Franco Bianco 5/5 Awesome stuff of La Folia as always!!!:)))))))))

Also supported by Luciano and Richie Hawtin