Stories in Books EP – Mathew Leutwyler

Stories in Books EP

Mathew kicks of the 2009 releases with his 'Stories In Books EP'. 'Stories In Books' is a collection of four musical short stories who's distinguishing characters meander through a misty landscape of lullabies, dreams, nightmares, and fairy tales.

Mathew uses a field recording device to record sounds in the natural environment and skillfully put them into play. He edits them into percussion and atmospheric sonic elements that breath organic life into his music. Clinking ice cubes, and the panting of sled dogs have been meticulously tweaked into bitcrushed percussives and textures.

"Quality mood building. Modest pace and a mature vibe. Adult contemporary dance music. Great stuff."

"Intensely intimate- lots of contrasting emotions. Leutwyler's "Let it Snow" is one moody night goove, "Music Box" is sensitive to the touch, and "Needle Fits Thread" is dawn-after-party-with-incoming-hangover seedy."