An On Bast – Calypso


The memories and meaning of An On Bast's four track, minimal techno inspired ep 'Calypso' reside in the little details of sound, where An poetically places her stories. The title track, ‘Calypso Ice-Cream’, is a moment and a memory of the past, inspired by a now retired ice cream flavor. It's sprinkled with sounds that inspire the colored thoughts of being a playful child, on a hot summer day. ‘What Size’ is a darker dream. It haunts, and its tightening grip doesn’t want to let you go. It intro with atmospherics, and a rising tension ensues as sounds layer. The release rounds off with ‘Nuzzle Up’, and ‘Wild-A-Click’, two dance-floor friendly tracks with a quick, quirky pace.

"Brilliant techno. Calypso Ice Cream is up there with something I'd expect Stephan Bodzin to produce. Good stuff."

"Original, fresh, and beautiful sounds."