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Winter Photo Session

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Michael Connors has done yet another beautiful photo session..... Here is a little taste.

Compilations, EP’s, and Remixes

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Chris Ward's first track on the label, 'Don't Know' is being featured on the 'Together' Festival CD. Ann's next release with remixes by Inanna, Chris Ward, and Douglas Greed are soon to follow. There is music to sample on our Myspace page.

C Dubs – ‘Don’t Know’

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010


C Dub's release due out April 12th 2010
Preview the release on the Myspace page.

An On Bast ‘Upon The Dew Drops’

Saturday, January 16th, 2010


An On Bast of Poland, recently likened to such a name as Stephan Bodzin, and a participant in the Red Bull Music Academy in Melbourne releases her second ep on La Folia Recordings.

A release that started with the single original electronic track has blossomed into a well rounded mixed genre, four track EP. Notable producer Douglas Greed volunteered to remix An’s original track, creating a colorful sonic painting filled with found sounds that mingle perfectly with the original melodies. Chris Ward aka C Dubs, recently featured on the ‘Together Festival’ CD, and label head Inanna have taken the ‘it’ genre of the moment, Dubstep, and re-created An‘s audio brilliance adding an original bassline that rattles.

"Like the original the best. The dubstep remix is nice. Sounds like a good package all in all."  - Ginz - Tectonic - Vertical Sound - Multiverse

"Great stuff. Especially feeling the Inanna and C Dubs mix. Been rinsing it @ DUBWISE recently." - G Notorious

"Loving the sounds on this. Great release all around. Chris Ward and Inanna remix does it for me on this one!" - Jason Giacoppo - Red Bull Music Academy

"Glad your time at the academy was well spent! Excellent sonic depth in the original version!" - Davide Bortot - Red Bull Music Academy

Preview the release on the Myspace page.
Buy the release on Beatport

Mathew Leutwyler -Shadows and Stillness

Friday, January 15th, 2010


Mathew Luetwyler's 'Shadows and Stillness' due out February 23rd, 2010. His latest, and second release on La Folia Recordings. A mix of a whisper and a storm, of the elements of the emotions of life.

Mathew makes beautiful music, and ‘Shadows and Stillness’ is no exception. A collection of five songs, created and compiled by Mathew, seeks to express the inner and outer, what stirs, and what is still. Mathew gives nods to classic tracks, if you can recognize them. Encompassing a range of genre, and feeling, the release is a varied collection of Mathews sounds, and influences.

Mathew Leutwyler's releases on Traumschallplatten, Perspektiv, Apparillo, and Caravan, as well as track appearances on Global Underground and Cream compilations have endeared him to an ever-expanding audience. Mathew has released on world renowned labels such as Silver Planet Recordings, Traumschallplatten, Perspectiv Records, and Caravan. His tracks reside on the playlists of many of the worlds most forward thinking DJ's.

"Impressive ep. Like all the tracks. Lazy especially. Will support." - Matt Burns

Preview the release on the Myspace page.
Buy the release on Beatport